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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
  FAQ #3
Q: I heard that Japan has "recruited" landlocked nations to the IWC?

A: As of June 2006, currently 9 landlocked nations are signatory to the IWC. They are Austria, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, Mali, Mongolia, San Marino, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

Of these 9 nations, 7 of them - Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, San Marino, Slovakia, and Switzerland - all voted against the pro-sustainable use nations at the IWC plenary held in June 2006. Only Mongolia and Mali voted with the pro-sustainable use nations.

The dates on which these nations joined the IWC are as follows.

1980, 29-May - Switzerland
1994, 20-May - Austria
2002, 16-Apr - San Marino
2002, 16-May - Mongolia
2004, 1-May - Hungary
2004, 17-Aug - Mali
2005, 26-Jan - Czech Republic
2005, 22-Mar - Slovakia
2005, 10-Jun - Luxembourg

Anti-whaling nations and anti-use NGOs are quick to criticise Mongolia and Mali's participation at the IWC, yet they never mention the fact that the anti-whaling bloc had already been "recruiting" landlocked European nations to the IWC as many as 22 years before Mongolia joined.
Indeed, if none of these 9 landlocked nations were IWC members, the nations in favour of sustainable use would have easily won most if not all of the votes at the IWC 58 meeting in held in June 2006.

* 24 June 2006: Updated to reflect voting behaviour at IWC 58
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